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Devils Haircut Visuals?

Devils Haircut Visuals was founded in the summer of 2007 as the official collaboration between Daan Dirk de Jonge and Didier Jansen. They had been VJ'ing together under different names and in 2007 they decided to continue working as a duo.

Didier and Daan are self-taught VJ's; they learned by practice. Their visuals developed from simple samples to complex compositions. The image not only became more layered, it also became more attuned to the music.

As Devils Haircut Visuals, Daan and Didier have worked with a diverse group of promotors, musicians and artists. Devils Haircut Visuals made a videoclip for the band Gypsy Dwarves on Crack and developed CCTV, a television installation for the open air filmfestival Pluk de Nacht. Devils Haircut is also involved in In Modo Plastico, a initiative of three composers of contemporary music.

In the summer of 2009, Daan and Didier opened up an online shop for video loops: the LoopSetShop. On it, anyone can sell (audio)visual material intended for VJ'ing or other purposes. They also sell self-made material on the site.

2010 saw them pursuing several different kinds of projects. Along with Sjoerd Leijten from In Modo Plastico and others they created Volle Band, a project for constructing several audiovisual bicycles and using them for all kinds of mobile on-the-spot performances all around Amsterdam. They also created short animations for the Nanopodium project, tied to Twente University, which was started to create more public understanding of nanotechnology. Alongside these long-running projects they worked on short jobs like creating an animation for a debate about the drug war in Mexico and working together live with Knalpot.

DaanDirk - Devils Haircut Visuals - photo

Who is DaanDirk?

Daan Dirk has been creating visuals for a few years now - music videos, promotionals, experimental video art and animations. Daan Dirk: "It all started back in 2001 when I found a program called AVS on my computer one early morning." This program can convert mathematical formulas into moving images. From that moment on Daan has been wasting his time twenty-four/seven behind his laptop. "As others got hooked on video games; I got hooked on AVS."

Daan Dirk is also a VJ, using live feed, video trouvés and his own clips. From these materials he creates visuals and beams them over the dance floor. His images always succeed to create a unique atmosphere. Daan brings his visuals to parties such as K met Peren and private parties in different venues in Amsterdam. Daan Dirk: "Veejaying and visualizing is more than just coming up with nice colours on a screen. Through images a story can be told, a message conveyed or an atmosphere created. Every pixel on the screen can be manipulated - so anything (two-dimensional) is possible." In his vj-sessions Daan Dirk mixes home-made stop motion animations, archive material, rapidly edited images, milk, sugar, spice and chemical X in a mostly graphic style.

Daan cooperates with Jonathan Herzberg, Didier Jansen and Sjoerd Leijten. Daan takes commercial orders and is on the look-out for new cooperations and new projects.

Check out DaanDirk's site.
Or DaanDirk's blog for the van Goghmuseum.

Vidier - Devils Haircut Visuals - photo

Who is Didier?

Didier Jansen at some point in his life had to choose between DJ'ing and VJ'ing. Luckily he made a wise choice and chose the latter. Growing up in the computer age, and using programs like Photoshop from a relatively young age, he has always been a fan of cut and paste techniques. This started when he discovered the magic of manipulating still photography, and thereby manipulating reality in a sense, but it led to taking old materials and creating something new out of it. This, he found, was also a very satisfying way of creating moving images, as there is a plethora of footage to be found anywhere these days. This can be used for comic effect, but also for surrealistic purposes.

Didier has a passion for anything that has to do with recursive pictures, or for the concept of infinity an sich. Whereas in daily life nothing is infinite, visual art can achieve this with simple tricks, giving us humans a glimpse of the eternity we'll never achieve ourselves. Other themes in his work are abandoned television sets and the dance-like qualities of ridiculously good skateboarders.

In a distant, but not too distant past he worked as a light technician at rock shows, giving him a steady hand when it comes to synchronizing visuals live to the music. He shows his work in the Amsterdam club scene together with his longtime friend DaanDirk.

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