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Volle Band | 2010 - 2011


In 2010 Devils Haircut Visuals have started 'Volle Band' in cooperation with Sjoerd Leijten and Olle Kruyt.

'Volle Band' is a Dutch title.

'Volle' meaning full and 'Band' meaning both videotape, recording tape as well as tire.

With this project we will bring different mobile forms of media to the streets of Amsterdam.
We've got bicycles (or tricycles!) with different modules: a projector module, tv-modules, computer-modules and audio modules.

Check out our progress and performances at

Two of the bikes:


Live facebook @ Kriterion


Hard//Hoofd | 2010


Showreel | 2009


Nachtshots | 2009



Nachtshots Award 2009

Devils Haircut Visuals won the 2009 Nachtshots prize.
Nachtshots was organized by theoneminutes, de n8 and cineville.


TV-bike | 2009

  Second concept in which televisions and tiers are combined: TV-bike. We used the bike to promote Pluk de Nacht and other events in the summer of 2009.


Gelikt | 2009

Gelikt (Licked) | DVNO by Justice | 3:14 | June 2009
A special promotional for Hardy's Hairstyling
for the Gay Pride Event "Pink Monday" of the Fun Fair in Tilburg.

Credit Crunch TV Remix | 2009

Economic Crisis Remix by DaanDirk | lipstick by bisk | 4:00 | May 25th 2009
At Damoclash 11 the CCTV displayed a remix of Dutch television news about the economic crisis.
This is a remix of the 'four channels' which were displayed on the caravan.


CCTV | 2008 - 2009

Creative Caravan Television can be best described as a unique drive-in video wall. Devils Haircut Visuals remodeled an old caravan into CCTV for Pluk the Nacht, an open air film festival held in the summer of 2008 in Amsterdam. CCTV was used as a very local television station. At Pluk de Nacht it displayed Pluk.TV, the online collection of movies collected by Pluk de Nacht. Devils Haircut Visuals also hosted some workshops at Pluk de Nacht. More about this festival here.

More about CCTV

As a part of Pluk on tour CCTV was on display at other locations in 2008:
- August 19th-23rd, Studio K, Timorplein Amsterdam, Pluk on tour
- September 11th & 12th, NDSM-werf, Amsterdam, Pluk de Nacht Extra
- September 13th from 16:00, Begijnhofpark, Kortrijk, Belgium, Pluk on tour
- September 14th, NDSM-werf, Amsterdam, Pluk de Nacht Extra

- May 23rd, Damoclash, with a special about the credit crunch, ADM, Amsterdam
- May 26th-30, CREA's end of year presentations, CREA, Amsterdam
- July 11th, Dance Valley, Spaarnwoude
- August 6th-15th, Pluk de Nacht, Stenen Hoofd, Amsterdam

CCTV was financed with help from Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

Krisis | 2009

Krisis by DaanDirk | contact by brigitte bardot | 3:05 | April 10th 2009
and it will continue as an online magazine.

IDFA Summer School | 2008

IDFA Summer School, Studio K, 18-07-2008

Robot Rock | 2008

info: color | Robot Rock by DaftPunk | 4:3 | 25fps | 2:00 | March 1st 2008
Robot Rock is the best android clubnight in the world.

Nighttime Superheroes | 2008

info: color | Nighttime Superheroes | 4:3 | 25fps | 2:00 | February 15th 2008
Nighttime Superheroes is presented by Laidback Luke.
With: Roman Salzger, Rene Amesz, Matik, MC Gee, Manga and Melly Mel and others.

Paradiso 15-02-2008


Matrixx | 2008



GDoC videoclip | 2008

info: color | Gnomen in het Bos by GDoC | 4:3 | 25fps | 0:40 excerpts from 6:00 | 2007-2008
GDoC (Gypsy Dwarves on Crack) creates very special music.
DaanDirk and Didier made this videoclip with just one person appearing in it.

Foam_Lab: In Fashion? | 2008

info: color | no sound | 4:3 | 25fps | 2:00 | january 2008
Foam_Lab organizes events in collaboration with Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.
Devils Haircut Visuals supports Foam_Lab.

Visuals for Café Tabac | 2008

info: color | no sound | 16:9 | 25fps | 5:00 take from 35:00 | january 2008
Café Tabac is situated in the centre of Amsterdam.
These easygoing timelapse visuals are on display in the café.

VJ'ing | IDFA 2007

info: color | sound | 640x480 | 25fps | 2:20 | november 2007
IDFA program DOC vs. DOC,
where we coached director Jan Zabeil and VJ'ed.
info: color | sound | 640x480 | 25fps | 1:31 | november 2007
IDFA program DOC vs. DOC,
where we coached director Phie Ambo and VJ'ed.


VJ Showreel | 2007

Promo | your cup of T

info: color | no sound | 640x480 | 25fps | 2:46 | october 2006
Your cup of T is a textile printing company in Amsterdam.
This promo is on display in their window.

Plan West, Club-8 | 2006

Devils Haircut Visuals - Plan West 15 juni 2006

Devils Haircut Visuals - Plan West 15 juni 2006 - Vidier

Damoclash, Pakhuis Afrika | 2005

Devils Haircut Visuals - Damoclash 2005

Devils Haircut Visuals DaanDirk Didier Jansen Volle Band