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About CCTV

Creative Caravan Television can be best described as a unique drive-in video wall. Devils Haircut Visuals remodeled an old caravan into CCTV for Pluk the Nacht, an open air film festival held each summer in Amsterdam.

CCTV can be used as a very local television station. At Pluk de Nacht it displayed Pluk.TV, the online collection of movies collected by Pluk de Nacht. Devils Haircut Visuals also hosted some workshops at Pluk de Nacht. More about this festival here.

Events 2009
In 2009 the CCTV has been on display:

- August 6th-15th, Pluk de Nacht, Stenen Hoofd, Amsterdam
- July 11th, Dance Valley, Spaarnwoude
- May 26th-30, CREA's end of year presentations, CREA, Amsterdam
- May 23rd, Damoclash, with a special about the credit crunch, ADM, Amsterdam

As a part of Pluk on tour CCTV was on display at other locations in 2008:
- August 19th-23rd, Studio K, Timorplein Amsterdam, Pluk on tour
- September 11th & 12th, NDSM-werf, Amsterdam, Pluk de Nacht Extra
- September 13th from 16:00, Begijnhofpark, Kortrijk, Belgium, Pluk on tour
- September 14th, NDSM-werf, Amsterdam, Pluk de Nacht Extra

CCTV was financed with help from Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).

How CCTV was made
The Caravan was first stripped clean, every interior element was removed. A wooden frame was put in, and shelves were then mounted on the frame. The caravan was painted a nice shade of red. Finally the TV's were put on the shelves, after which we made holes in the side of the caravan. The holes can be covered, so the caravan is fit for the road.

- at this moment the caravan has 19 screens, we have room for more
- the caravan was built in 1967
- the original colour of the caravan was green
- a closed circuit television system enables you to communicate from one side of the caravan to the other

On Display
We are currently working on a new programs for CCTV. We already have Pluk.TV 2008, which is an 8 hour program divided over three channels. In 2009 Daan made 1,5 hour 4 channel special about the economic crisis.

Our special thanks for support and advice go to:
Lonneke, Marike, Dirk, Caspar and Jurriaan.

info: color | sound | 640x360 | 25fps | 1:00 | 2009
CCTV at Dance Valley in cooperation with Escapation.

CCTV | CREA | 2009

CCTV | Damoclash | ADM | 2009




info: color | no sound | 640x480 | 25fps | 2:00 | 2008
CCTV at Pluk de Nacht open air filmfestival

CCTV at Pluk de Nacht

Devils Haircut Visuals, CCTV, at Pluk de Nacht, 7-16 august 2008


Devils Haircut Visuals DaanDirk Didier Jansen Volle Band